Wyszukiwarka obrazk體 – Picsearch AB

Wyszukiwarka obrazk體 - Picsearch ABNowa wersja wyszukwarki obrazk體 Przyk砤dowe zapytania:polska

Wyszukiwarka obrazk體 – Picsearch AB

Nowa wersja wyszukwarki obrazk體 <%image(20050719-picsearch_small.png|120|57|Wyszukiwarka obrazk體)%>

Przyk砤dowe zapytania:

i inne swojskie :)


Wnioski? Szybka wyszukiwarka – brak wynik體 z domeny .pl

O firmie:

Company Facts
Picsearch was founded in 2000 with the aim of providing users with instant access to the vast visual resources of the Internet. The company is incorporated in Sweden and is headquartered in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

Our Services
Picsearch provides a specialized search engine for images through its website www.picsearch.com and other Picsearch properties. Unlike a traditional text search engine, Picsearch lets users search for the images directly in our extensive index.

Picsearch also creates leading image search solutions that power visual search for many of the Web’s leading properties. These services are available through Picsearch’s licensing program.

Our Principles
Picsearch is built upon the following three corner-stones:

Picsearch’s patent-pending algorithms ensure that users obtain the most relevant search results first.
Family friendliness
Picsearch’s indexed images pass through advanced filters to eliminate offensive material.
User friendliness
Picsearch believes in simplicity and consequently provides an extremely user-friendly interface to a powerful and complex database.

Our Logotype
The Picsearch logotype can be downloaded from here in various formats.

Our Company Address
Picsearch AB
Liljeholmsv鋑en 30B
SE 117 61 Stockholm

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