Dobre linki ? on 3 maja, 2008

W sieic pojawił się kolejny serwis oparty na połączeniu idei web 2.0 czyli treści tworzonych przez użytkowników z katalogiem stron i pressel page –

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W opisie strony czytamy:

So you’ve developed a site. A good site – perhaps even a great site. You are excited about the prospects of traffic, rave reviews, and, possibly, riches. But when you release your site…. it will get exactly nowhere.

You soon find out that getting the word out about a website is even more difficult and time-consuming than creating it in the first place.

There is a reason for this, sort of. There are literally billions of websites on the web. The most common way of getting at the websites is via a search engine, specifically Google. Google somehow has to determine which websites to lead people to, and because of the sheer number of sites, Google has set the bar high. VERY high. That means, if you have a new and unknown site, it’s basically dead in the water.


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