Google Video i Warner Music Group on 9 października, 2006

Google podpisało umowę o współpracy z Warner Music Group.
W serwsie Google Video będzie można zakupić i obejrzeć filmy, produkcje z Warner Music Group:

Music Group Corp. (NYSE: WMG) and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced
a strategic business relationship designed to give Google users the
ability to stream on-demand WMG’s extensive music video collection
for free, through an ad-supported revenue sharing agreement, or to
purchase videos online for download. Starting this month, users in the
U.S. can watch any of the thousands of music videos, artist interviews,
“behind-the-scenes” footage and other artist-related content from
WMG on Google Video. In the coming months, users can also access
audio-visual content from WMG through Google’s partner websites in
its AdSense network. In addition, Google will develop technology that,
when implemented, will enable users to include certain content from
companies such as Warner Music Group in the videos they create and
upload to Google Video.

Dostep do plików zaczyna się już na Google Video od $1.99.

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